What future for real estate investment since the coronavirus crisis?

What future for real estate investment since the coronavirus crisis? 500 333 Laura

In 2019, a Swiss survey conducted among a thousand people mentions that their relationship to money prevails before health and employment more than anywhere else in the world! Investing would make us happier, so what better way than to invest our cash in real estate? The tangible aspect of real estate investment reassures enormously, it is a real security for the investor because he knows pertinently that his chances of losing the committed capital are almost non-existent. Investing in real estate corresponds perfectly to our convictions because in addition to having the vocation to invest our liquidities, we are very conservative and this does not intend to change.

After a very good year 2019 for real estate investors, everyone expected a 2020 vintage but that was without counting the coronavirus crisis that plunged investors into the most total uncertainty. Indeed, the health crisis that forced half of the planet to confine itself has very quickly turned into an economic crisis.
The inactivity of independent and local companies is much more difficult to manage than for powerful multinationals. The recurring problem of these small structures is the lack of cash flow, they do not systematically have enough liquidity to support important expenses such as rent. Some landlords try to be conciliatory and may grant deferrals or reductions in rent, an unprecedented solidarity that highlights the human aspect in this difficult context.
Since the coronavirus episode, we have radically changed the way we look at things. Before, telecommuting was frowned upon by employers for fear that employees would forget their responsibilities. After adopting this way of working, attitudes have changed and many employers are now thinking of introducing a few days of teleworking per week. In addition to simplifying compliance with health restrictions, telecommuting allows employees to be operational more quickly by minimizing the time spent in travel. This improves working conditions and allows employees to be more efficient. On the employer’s side, it is possible to considerably reduce the size of the premises in order to save on rent. Some employers have even suggested that they pay part of the rent for employees who telecommute. Therefore, this is a win-win compromise between employers and employees that should bring a better atmosphere in the companies.
As we have seen, office real estate has suggested a lot of questions in recent months and there are many doubts about its future. The demand may be a little less important in the near future but it will always exist, for this reason, we will rather focus on residential real estate which is a more stable segment.
Investors who bet on this investment have understood that the choice of the location of the property is essential in order to optimize the occupancy rate of the property and therefore the return. This is exactly what SIPA Immobilier offers its clients with turnkey projects.

With the aim of satisfying the expectations of everyone, SIPA Immobilier gives itself the means to find the rare pearl. Once the property has been selected, we offer our clients the opportunity to become the owner of shares in the building, with the aim of democratizing real estate investment for all. With SIPA, all investors are on the same pedestal, high yield projects are not only reserved for the wealthiest shareholders. Our projects return an average of 6% net to our shareholders and are far different from the traditional returns offered by other providers in the market.

SIPA Immobilier has a bright future ahead of it and intends to develop its activity with the acquisition of new buildings in the coming months.

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