We believe in the strength of the collective

We are proud and happy to support those who convey our values through their disciplines.

Alone we move faster but together we go further.

These are the words by which SIPA Immobilier is committed to strengthening its involvement with associations, communities, structures and events driven by the willingness to innovate and progress.

It is also about of altruism because this commitment has a strong desire to highlight the youth, the talents and the ambition to create the resource for everyone.

Contribute to the collective effort by sharing a responsible and ambitious vision for tomorrow’s society.


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We believe in the diversity of talent and we are convinced that the future lies in tolerance, curiosity and the ability to
ability to understand areas that are different from our own.

Rising higher and higher

We want to show that through our respective fields, we can support and respect common values.

The objective is to bring together, to federate around diversity. Let’s build together a sustainable and solid future.

Let’s build together a sustainable and solid future.

The principle of sustainability

Actor of the sustainable development for real estate in which we invest, our sponsorship activities, and our promote awareness to the public and to young people about the virtues of technological advances in terms of energy savings.

Inspiring future and current generations to preserve our environment by reflecting our actions in the fields of sports, culture, associations and events.

Do you want to make a difference?

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