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Regulations & Safety
  • SIPA Immobilier SA is a division of SIPA Group SA, a company based in the heart of Lausanne, which has been innovating in the real estate sector for more than 20 years in Switzerland and internationally. Our team of real estate and finance professionals offers a new concept of real estate investment in Switzerland. To achieve this, we have surrounded ourselves with trusted partners (lawyers, notaries, auditing companies, trustees, architects, developers, real estate companies, etc.), which enables us to offer new investment opportunities that stand out from what is available on the market.

  • As a company under Swiss law, SIPA Immobilier SA has established a business model that complies with the regulations in force.

Concept & Properties
  • SIPA Immobilier SA has created a new real estate investment model that is unique in Switzerland, that of participatory real estate shareholding. Its concept is based on a mortgage-free investment with a high return.

    With our own funds and in partnership with our mortgage provider, we buy residential properties in Switzerland, selected according to a rigorous purchasing process.

    Our objective is to provide our shareholders with access to property ownership and to generate attractive and stable returns from the rental income of our properties, for a minimum investment of CHF 49’000.

  • Thanks to its privileged network of real estate managers and unique connections with promoters, SIPA Immobilier SA makes available exclusive properties that would be difficult for private individuals to identify.

    1. Our teams travel throughout Switzerland in search of properties
    2. An in-depth financial analysis of the selected properties is carried out internally
    3. A certified expert is mandated to conduct an independent valuation to ensure that the purchase price corresponds to the market value
    4. A technical analysis is carried out by an independent expert in order to ensure the general condition of the building and to budget for any potential works.

    At the end of this procedure, our teams retain only 2% of the audited properties to offer them to investors.

  • For organisational reasons, we do not visit buildings. However, as the address is communicated to potential investors, it is nevertheless possible to visit the property. Details of the property are available in a comprehensive file which can be downloaded from our properties page.

  • Our investors participate in our projects with the aim of earning a return, not with the intention of living there. However, if an investor wishes to live there and a flat is available, he or she can contact the management company in charge of the building directly.

  • In offering our clients the opportunity to invest in Swiss-based investment properties, we are required to comply with the Federal Act on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Persons Abroad (LFAIE). Therefore, the persons subject to our projects are

    • Swiss citizens residing in the country
    • Holders of residential permits B and C, nationals of European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states.
  • A legal entity with its registered office in Switzerland can invest in a property offered by SIPA Immobilier SA.

  • The concept proposed by SIPA Immobilier SA allows you to invest in real estate projects of a certain size. By becoming a shareholder, our clients have the opportunity to benefit from returns from rental income in proportion to their invested equity.

    Usually reserved for a wealthy public, SIPA Immobilier SA offers everyone the opportunity to become a shareholder with a more affordable amount, minimising the risks and above all benefiting from attractive returns.

  • Being a shareholder gives you the right to receive dividends from the company and to participate in ordinary or extraordinary general meetings where you can exercise your decision-making power.

  • The role of SIPA Immobilier SA is multiple and evolves during our collaboration while ensuring you a quality service. We are therefore in charge of :

    • Selecting a property from a large choice and according to strict criteria
    • Negotiating the mortgage with the credit institutions
    • Taking the necessary steps with the notary
    • Appointing a management company to manage the tenants
    • Taking care of the administrative procedures
  • We receive a 5% commission on the purchase price which includes

    The search for the property
    Analysis of the project
    The conclusion of the mortgage
    The management contract
    The signing of the deed of sale before the notary
    In addition, our fees are already included in the sale price of the shares and include all transaction costs. A commission of 4.5% is also deducted from the rental income to remunerate the property management company in charge of managing the building and the tenants.

  • Depending on the project, the minimum amount may vary. It generally starts at CHF 49’000.

  • Unlike crowdfunding or participatory financing, SIPA Immobilier or the company created specifically for the acquisition of the property is already the owner of the properties offered by directly concluding the mortgage in its name. The investors are therefore not jointly and severally liable for the total amount of the mortgage.

  • No. All information made available to investors through our website and in all investment documents is for information purposes only and based on historical data.
    Every investment involves risks and these can have a significant impact on returns. SIPA Immobilier SA advises each investor to consult an investment expert and a tax specialist for each investment.

  • There are 2 contracts which are drafted by our partner law firm. The investors have to sign the share sale agreement between SIPA Immobilier SA (the seller) and the shareholders (the buyer) as well as the shareholders’ agreements which bind all shareholders together.

  • The funds are to be transferred to the deposit account of the law firm that is a partner of SIPA Immobilier SA. Once the contracts have been signed by each shareholder, the law firm will transfer the funds in full to SIPA Immobilier SA.

  • Shareholders are free to sell their shares at any time. SIPA Immobilier SA may offer to acquire the shares on its own behalf, on behalf of other shareholders or on behalf of third parties, at their real value at the time of the request. There are, however, just reasons provided for in the shareholders’ agreement that would allow the Board of Directors of the company holding the property to refuse a share transfer. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • A quarterly report is sent to each shareholder so that they can follow their investment and its evolution. Our staff is also available to answer any questions you may have.

  • We encourage you to diversify your portfolio. That is why we offer a variety of properties in different geographical areas with a range of financial instruments that provide optimal diversification and limit systematic risk.
    You can also go further by visiting the pages of our group’s subsidiaries, which will offer you other financial investments.

  • Dividends received by our clients are subject to withholding tax as they are capital gains. For tax transparency purposes, the Confederation collects 35% of the dividends and passes them on the following year, which encourages the taxpayer to declare all income.

Real Estate Management
  • Our buildings are managed by real estate companies that are known for their professionalism and have become trusted partners over time.

  • SIPA Immobilier SA has forecast the management fees in the financial table to calculate the net return to be paid to shareholders.

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